House of Cards

see your future in lines etched into your hands

see it in tea leaves scattered in water

see it in a crystal ball

a pack of cards.

I've always been obsessed with finding fate.

fortune tellers, for what do I wait.

and Chamki has inspired me to make a set of my own tarot cards

using photoshop, stock photos, my photos, scans, doodles, found objects

and archetypal symbols I've set out.

only done 10/78. a long way to go.

but there's always time.


Vesper said...

these are stunning! you've definitely captured the archetypes!

sophie* said...

i shall show you some fortune telling bok of mine sme days.
it has colages as well, not so good though.
maybe i'll tell you about some man who reads nadi leaves in bangalore. he told me about some indian life of mine and is quite amazing :)

sophie* said...

p.s: i'll go fetch some yellow shells of empty sea dreams for you very soon, and youl be in guiding my fingers for me to decide which to pick. Fish, you would like britanny's sea shores

Hari Potter said...

I'd like to say I like
The way you see the cards
Tarot is just a tool
That focuses the mind's eye
I'd like to continue this poem
I'm really getting into the groove
But I'm afraid I'll be bested
By this guy who calls himself Dhruv...
All in good humour folks...please not to be offended :)

Vatsala said...

awshum work shilo. awwshum.

Anonymous said...

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Born2Pain said...

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essay help said...

It was my dream in childhood to make a real house from cards. But now I think that's it's funny, but has no matter))