Half Shiva- Half Shakti

Dark eyes
and sweet sighs
little boys in a womans disguise.
they dance
with their feet
on their hands
with their eyes

'Recollect me darling raise me to your lips
2 undernourished egos 4 rotating hips
Hold on to me tightly Im a sliding scale
Cant endure then you can inhale
Clearly out of body experience
Interferes and dreams of flying I fit nearly
Surrounds me though I get lonely

Moving up slowly
Inertia keeps
Shes moving up slowly'dastakar 2007


Hari Potter said...

Heyyyy. I got photos of them too...They'll be up sometime in the near future. :) :)
They were so awesome na??

Shutterfly said...

they were beautiful!
I'm all inspired to learn odissi again. :)

Chamki said...

hey I got some too!
You don't see my blog :(

Shutterfly said...

isaw on yourflickr my dear chamki! now i want to see you!!